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MJ McMillian

MJ McMillian

October 4th, 2023 at 8:07 PM


 Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy over these last few month's. I wanted to share with you guys some of what I have been up to. But I need to let you know first that I have just completed a new full course walkthrough of YTUbeBooster. Now if you aren't aware of this powerful software please make sure that you check it out here.
I have added a video for new channel startups that will show you exactly how to rank your new channel and beat out your competition. This method cost me $497 to learn. And I know for a fact that it works. I started a very small niche channel that has about 414 subscribers at the time of this email and it's growing everyday.
Here are some benefits of the software and why you should use it:
🌟 User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and utilization for beginners 😊
🚀 Workflow Optimization: Valuable recommendations and reminders for effective video optimization 📈
🔮 Future Developments and Improvements: Room for enhancement and development 🌱
💡 Clarity on Recommendations: Clearer explanations and tool tips for better understanding 🤔
🔎 Enhanced Tag Research: More robust tag research capabilities within the platform itself 📚
⏱️ Upload Automation: Time-saving feature for direct video uploads with pre-set tags/titles/descriptions ⏯️
🔍 Transparency on Data Sources: Providing information on the reliability of low competition keywords 📊
💪 Valuable Tool for YouTube Creators: Optimizes videos, improves workflow efficiency, and boosts channel growth 📹
🌐 Multi-Channel Support: Efficient management of multiple channels within a single platform 🎥
📲 Social Media Integration: Linking of social media channels for broader audience reach 📣
Now what I share in the the course is listed on the sales page and you can go and watch some of the pre-view videos on the site.
Now the sales price for this walkthrough is $47 and I will be raising the price to $97 so get this while you can. The keyword and the Daily workflow classes are worth that much alone. What I teach you in those classes is worth you taking a look at those.
Coupon Code: THANKS100
Use the above coupon code at check out for your early bird discount.!!!
Many of you may not be aware that I sit on the board of a few non-profits and churches.  Over the past few weeks I was able to judge a small art contest in my local area. These folks were amazing ,and had some local children who participated and it was awesome. I can't tell you how much joy this brought to me. I have been dealing with some personal things that have been keeping me very depressed and I have to tell you this was the only thing that made my day in such a very long time.


Weekly Email Updates.
Now I will be send out a weekly email on Sundays for all of you that want to keep up with what has been going on with me the previous week. This email will be much like the one you are reading. It will list some personal things and also keep you aware of what is going on with our courses and work.  Now most of the video's will be located in our free community.  These videos and updates will give you some insights what others aren't sharing.
If you really want to learn, grow and build I want to help you when it comes to getting things done and holding yourself accountable. This is the best way that I can share things by putting them inside of our community. I have taken things off of Facebook and created our own community. You can find that very easy. Come on in and chat when me when you need to and ask questions and get those questions answered.
This week inside of the group I have two new videos that will be shared. Niches$$ Blog post made easy... And Magic Bookifer e-books made easy. These tutorial videos will help you to learn how to create blog post quickly. And you can create blog post with both of these software programs.  All of my longer tutorials will be inside of the community and will help you grow your digital business.  The reason for that is your can't put every video you would like on YouTube it will slow down your channel growth. I have had to learn that and trust me many people are having an issue with that. Many people are having issues with their channel because they need to private some of their videos.

YouTube Descriptions In Five Minutes!!

Five Minute YouTube Descriptions


I have added a new video and will have another one this week to show you how to create your YouTube descriptions. Now I am teaching you a method to make sure that it's SEO optimized and will rank for you. So many people don't know how to really use their descriptions to make sure that their video will rank for the long term. You will find the new video inside the members area of the YouTube Know How Course.
Now I have been thinking about having a live class with just the students again who have purchased the course. If you guys would like to meet please come over to the community and let me know. I am thinking about sharing some news about YouTube and answering any of your questions. This will be a live meet and greet update so let's come up with a date and time that will work for all of us.
It's time to make sure you are on the list for the updates and weekly emails. If you aren't here is the link to where you can become a part of the updates.

Product of the week Script Atlas:



Script Atlas is a powerful desktop software available for both Mac and Windows computers. It offers a range of integrated tools and features to enhance content creation and editing. With no upsells, users can enjoy a comprehensive package with full commercial rights. The software's AI script generator, blog article wizard, and content extraction tools provide valuable data and streamline the content creation process. The sleek interface and easy navigation, along with the built-in image editor and image library, make the software user-friendly. It supports Mac OSX 10.13 or higher and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11. There is a 30-day refund policy in place. Script Atlas is not cloud-based, ensuring better performance by utilizing the power of the user's computer. It offers integrated editing tools, a script editor, and an image editor, providing all the necessary features in one convenient interface.
If you want to produce a lot of content without a bunch of fee's this is a software that you can't let slip through your fingers. I don't recommend a lot of product's that are on some of the other platforms but this is one I couldn't keep to myself.  Here is a few reasons why you should grab this software.
  • Boost efficiency by unifying content creation tasks in one platform
  • Improve content quality with grammatically correct and tailored content
  • Access integrated tools for essential editing requirements
  • Enjoy a sleek interface and easy navigation
  • Save time with the built-in prompt explorer and pre-loaded prompts
  • Enhance marketing efforts with engaging and effective content
  • Ensure data security and ownership
  • Simplify workflows and maximize efficiency
  • Seamlessly convert content into polished PDFs or publish directly to WordPress
  • Connect and post content to WordPress sites with just two clicks
  • Access a massive database of ready-to-use content snippets

This should be a great software to help you work with AI.



Creating A Daily Workflow Live Webinar!


Now if you would like to have a live walkthrough of how to create a daily workflow for yourself if you are a content creator here is a free webinar. All I ask is that you share this with some friends. I taught this to our students and I hope that you get some real value out of this class. 

We are currently working on some new classes and will be bringing them back. We are meeting with a marketing team to help us. We have started the planning of these live classes and this should help a lot of people. 

Live YouTube Classes in 2024 In Ontario, CA

Live YouTube Class Room


We will be having live classes in Ontario, CA for YouTube to teach you how to make money and use this for your business. These classes will come with a catered lunch and will be exclusive. You will want to make sure that you subscribe to our mailing list to make sure that you get all of the updates when it's time. 


Well Until next time, 




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