The Video Doom Scroll?- The Social Media Blackout.

The Search Traffic Decline And What to Do About It.

MJ McMillian

MJ McMillian

August 24th, 2023 at 3:00 PM

Social Media

The Video Doom Scroll?

Hello Everyone,
Yes I know I have been so busy that I haven't been able to email or do any new classes as of late. If you notice I am pushing the classes off each week. The reason that I am pushing the classes off each week, it has everything to do with the schedule that I am keeping. I have been so busy doing some gig work that it's keeping me busy most nights. I tend to do my best work at night and so most nights I am up working and putting together things for customers and clients. Case Study Update!!

I am going to release the first case study video on MorningFame and also VidIQ Combo in the next week or so. I am waiting to get word back from Adilo about the new share gate that they have so I can make sure that you guys will be able to get that first video for free.  I am going to pull back the covers and show you how to rank a video even though you don't have a lot of subscribers. I am going to show you a quick method for making sure that your video will rank. I need for you guys to be prepared to share the video with all of your friends to help me promote this case study. 
I am trying to rank video's in a brand new niche for me and I really don't spend a lot of time on it anymore and it is sending traffic to the blog and also to my websites. I have so many videos that are ranking that to list them all here would take up so much time that's why I do the case studies for you. Now the idea for the case study is to show you how to rank and also the workflow that you can use with MorningFame to make sure that you are doing your best.  Now you will notice above the video doesn't even have as many views as some of the others but you will notice I am # 3 for the ranking term. I want you guys to know you can rank videos but it has to be a part of the overall goal of what you want to do with your content strategy.  I am using VidIQ and MorningFame for content Ideas and also workflow. I want to show you how you can make more money and also use YouTube to help build your small business.
If you are trying to send traffic to your blogs or website you can do it with YouTube but you have to know how to do it and that's why I created my course YouTube Know How. I created the course to show you how to build a YouTube channel and also how to rank videos. If you purchase the course you will get the MorningFame case study for FREE. Or you can get it at a discount when we lauch the case study. 
There are six live classes that I taught and you get access to a private group where we talk nothing but YouTube. You will have access to me and you will be able to ask whatever question you need to ask. 

The Doom Scroll?

Today I started going through the mountain of social media post that I have.  I ran across Michael Stelzner's post about the challenge of social media posting in today's market. He talks about the fact that so many people are calling it quits when it comes to using social media to market their business.  The days of free traffic from social platforms are long gone. But you likely already knew that. There's another challenge coming...
Google didn't issue a code red for nothing when ChatGPT rolled out on November 30, 2022.
Search traffic is in decline. And it will only get worse as AI replaces search queries.Are the good ole days of marketing over? It might feel that way.Not so long ago, Facebook drove ridiculous amounts of traffic. Do you remember?
Here is the Quote from the post:
Social share buttons were embedded on every piece of content.
I remember emailing Seth Godin and suggesting he add a share button to his awesome daily blog.
I kinda miss blogs.
But now, we're in a very different time.
Today, it's about being hypnotized by an endless stream of random short clips. Some call it the doom scroll.
How should we respond? What do creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs do in light of this new state of disruption?
I'm here to tell you there is good news.
First, consider the days before social media and the Internet.
What was marketing like then for small businesses?
There were no websites to drive traffic to, yet marketing still existed.
People advertised on the radio, in magazines, and in mailbox flyers.
Smart marketers might have a local radio show.
People held local meetings and invited people for morning coffee, where they talked about ideas.
People networked at events, had signs on local billboards, and even collaborated with other local businesses to place flyers at their front desks.
So what does that mean for us today?
I run a conference called Social Media Marketing World.
It's my job to figure this stuff out.
I know a lot of people are wondering what to do.
So here's my current thinking.
Different times call for different strategies.
Perhaps we can learn from the past…
I still believe that long form content has a place on social media.
I've begun experimenting with longer videos and longer written word posts.
You won't find a single link in any of my work.
Instead, I'm trying to deliver value.
I'm tracking how different platforms react to what I'm making.
It's not easy because I'm fully aware you can't really subscribe to this content, it needs to find you.
But here are the early findings.
A lot of people—folks who I've not heard from in a long time—are reaching out to me.
I'm reading comments from some of you who followed Social Media Examiner many years ago and are now finally seeing my posts.
And this my friends, is why social media still works.
Maybe it's not about being seen by hundreds of thousands of people.
Maybe instead it's about dropping value to the few.
I'm still figuring it out.
But I sense I'm on to something here.
I think he is on to something. We need to think outside of the box and it's time we focus on the business of results and helping people get those results.

YouTube Consultations

If you need help to get your content plan or your channel off the ground you can book a call with me if you need to. I spend so much time now helping you guys on a one on one basis and I love doing it so make sure you book a call with me if you want some help so that you can build your channel.


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