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MJ McMillian

MJ McMillian

January 7th, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Hello all,
I am sending you this newsletter to say thanks for all of your support last year. My plan is to make sure that all of the members of the have access to this newsletter. This newsletter will bring you some of the most up to date info on digital marketing and all things video marketing.
So the plan is to keep you up to date with all of the things that I am doing to build a personal brand and get myself back to full time with my digital business. I have so many things going on and so many jobs that I am doing. Even when it comes to outside consulting.  I will be bringing back my daily 15 minute business points inside of the free community. These will be messages that I put together that I think will help you in your digital business. I will be adding these inside of the community each day so make sure you turn your notifications on so you won't miss a message.

APPSUMO Tutorials

Now before Christmas I did a free tutorial on how to stay organized with TabExtend this was an awesome tutorial. If you are a member of the website you can watch this tutorial for free. If you are a member of the Sauce group you can watch it also and make sure you get all the future tutorials that I do for the sumo group for free.

Talk Of Tools

Now I am also producing content for Talk Of Tools. There will be more to come on this in the upcoming Newsletters so make sure you stay here so you won't miss any of that info here. Come grab your free membership here.


YouTube Workflow With A Kanban Board

Unlocking the Power of a Kanban Board for Your YouTube Workflow


In this webinar, we dive deep into the realm of YouTube workflow optimization. Prepare to be amazed as we explore the untapped potential of utilizing a Kanban board to revolutionize your channel management. This is what helped me make sense of YouTube. This also helped me to have a daily workflow. Brace yourself for exclusive insights and expert advice that will elevate your content creation game to unprecedented heights.
With every click, every view, and every subscriber gained, the stakes are higher than ever in the fast-paced world of YouTube. As aspiring creators, we find ourselves juggling countless tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. It's easy to get lost in the chaos, missing out on crucial steps that could propel our channels forward.
That's why I had to sit down one day and come up with a workflow. What I actually did was go on a hunt for videos on YouTube to teach me how to do it. I found a few that could get me started but not complete the workflow. 
But fear not! The solution lies within your grasp - a simple yet powerful tool known as the Kanban board. By adopting this ingenious system into our workflow, we can seamlessly organize and prioritize our tasks like never before.
Imagine a virtual canvas where each task becomes an individual card waiting to be moved across different stages: from "To Do," through "In Progress," all the way to "Completed." Visualizing your workflow in this manner allows for unparalleled clarity and control over your content creation process.
Let's take a closer look at how this system works its magic:
Upon entering your YouTube sanctuary each day, armed with determination and creative energy coursing through your veins, you'll be greeted by your digital Kanban board. Its vibrant columns beckon you with promises of efficiency and productivity. Keep in mind it's visual so it helps. 
As you meticulously populate each card with detailed descriptions of tasks awaiting completion, an air of purpose fills the room. The first column captures those precious ideas that have yet to bloom – concepts itching to be transformed into captivating videos that will captivate audiences worldwide.
With one swift motion, you move these budding ideas from their dormant state into action as they migrate across columns – evolving from mere thoughts into tangible projects taking shape before your very eyes.
The satisfaction is immeasurable as you progress through each column, shifting cards from "To Do" to "In Progress." The anticipation builds, fueling your drive to conquer the tasks at hand. Each completed assignment is a stepping stone towards greater success, bringing you closer to your ultimate goal.
 A hidden gem lies within the depths of this digital sanctuary – a column that holds infinite potential for growth and expansion. As you bask in the glory of completed tasks, you find solace in knowing that this final destination is reserved for those extraordinary achievements deemed worthy of celebration – the "Completed" column.
With every card that proudly takes its place in this illustrious section of the board, your confidence soars. You've conquered the challenges thrown your way and emerged victorious. The world becomes your stage as you unleash your content upon eager viewers who await with bated breath.
Embrace the power of a Kanban board and unlock new horizons for your YouTube workflow. May it guide you through the labyrinthine maze of content creation with grace and efficiency.
Remember, each card represents an opportunity waiting to be seized - an idea ready to be transformed into reality. So go forth with vigor and let the Kanban board be your compass on this thrilling journey towards YouTube greatness!
As I think about it optimizing your YouTube workflow with a Kanban board, I invite you to reflect on the profound impact such a simple yet effective tool can have on our creative endeavors. Let it fuel your passion and drive as we continue our exploration into maximizing productivity in future chapters. Stay tuned for more exclusive insights in our upcoming newsletters!
Endless possibilities await those brave enough to embrace change. Will you seize them? Come Join me in this class. If you are a member this class will be provided inside of your membership. I know I said in the video it woudn't but since you read this now you know I changed my mind!!! The email you signed up with will be added to the list to get you in.

Creator YouTube Ideas

Some of the best creators on YouTube focus and work on their titles. When you ask them why they choose the titles they use they will tell you "I just model what works."
Title: How to Beat BANGERS in Pickleball (Hard-Hitting Players)
Framework: How to Beat [Problem] in [Activity] ([Description of Problem])
Why this works:
Negativity - This title is all about solving a specific problem.
Desire - This creator's audience wants to learn how to beat bangers in Pickleball.
How you can use this framework: Tell your audience how to solve a specific problem they have using words that make them say, "Yes, this is what I need!"
Examples of this framework in action:
How to Overcome Prospects Telling You "I Need To Ask My Wife"
How to Get Rid Of The Stitch In Your Side While Running (Side Cramps)
Title: 5 Things I Don't Do In My Home As A Pro Interior Designer | Julie Khuu
Framework: 5 Things I Don't Do In My (Possession) As A (Professional)
Why this works:
List - Lists make videos feel more tangible (you know exactly what the video will be about) and they add some curiosity.
Negativity - This leverages a bit of fear because the audience wants to know if they're doing something wrong.
Authority - This title brings credibility because she says she's a "Pro Interior Designer" and she's talking about what she doesn't do in her own home.
How you can use this framework: Tell your audience what you don't do as a professional in your space.
Examples of this framework in action:
5 Things I Don't Have In My Kitchen As A Professional Chef
5 Things I Never Say As A Native Spanish Speaker

AI Tools To Help You In Your Business

Here is a list of seven tools that can help you in your content creation. Next week I will share them in a bullet list this week I ran out of time a bit. 

Tool Of The Week!!

I use This tool to break down all of my content. I will be having a workshop soon showing you how to do this for yourself. If you want to make more money with YouTube and all of your digital content I will show you how I use this every day to make sure that I am producing content daily and getting it out in the social space. 


You can watch the review that I did here and that will help you. 



This will give you an inside look at the software and this should help you see what it can do. If it is available on Appsumo the link in the description will work or you will need to use the one above. 


Until next week,


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