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The Fiverr Factor

How To Use Fiverr To Save Time And Money

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MJ McMillian MJ McMillian
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The Fiverr Factor

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 1.4 hour(s)
1 Course unit(s)


Are you looking to have things done for your business ? Are you striving to save time and money but you are having no luck on some of the freelance websites? “The Fiverr Factor” is your one-stop solution! This class is meticulously designed to guide you through the vast landscape of freelancing and help you hire someone on the platform who can do the work that you need to have done.
In this class we will discuss the power of Fiverr to get things done in your business. This is will be the who, what when where and why of the website. We will take a walkthrough of the website to find out what all you can do with the site also. How to use Fiverr to get things done in your business is a class that will take you from frustration to getting things done.
Fiverr is the world's largest freelance marketplace to offer services and skills for digital entrepreneurs. It's a great way to get freelancers to get things done in your business and this class is all about teaching you the skills to use the platform to grow your business. 
This is the complete Class!!! Where I share how I find some of the best fiverr workers!!!
What we will cover:
  • What is Fiverr
  • Benefits of using Fiverr
  • Tour of User Interface
  • Searching For Gigs and sellers
  • What  Are The Best Uses For Fiverr
  • What Type of Services You Can Order From Fiverr
  • How To Pick The Best Fiverr VA's
  • How To Make Request To Get Things Cheaper
  • How To Discover The Best Fiverr VA's
  • Set The Proper Expectation For The VA
  • Fiverr Walkthrough
  • My Exact system I use to find good Fiverr sellers!!!

Here is an oppportunity for you to get things done so you can focus on the things that will help your business make money. 

This is one of the classes that surprised people.


You will learn

1. Understand the capabilities and limitations of the Fiverr platform.

2. Identify and select suitable freelancers based on their needs.

3. Effectively communicate project requirements to freelancers.

4. Manage and coordinate with freelancers for successful project completion.

DetailsThis Course has 1 unit(s)Total 1.4 hour(s)


MJ McMillian
MJ McMillian
Founder of Digital Learn Academy


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The Fiverr Factor

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 1.4 hour(s)
1 Course unit(s)