Building The Proper YouTube Foundation

How To Make High Ranking Videos

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Building The Proper YouTube Foundation

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 0.9 hour(s)
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What you will Learn In this Course :
When it comes to building a successful YouTube channel, there are a few key elements that you need to have in place in order to create a strong foundation. First and foremost, you need to have great content that your audience will want to watch. Secondly, your channel needs to be well-organized and easy to navigate. Lastly, you need to have a solid marketing strategy in place to promote your channel and help it grow. This class will bring in the clarity some of the most basic things to help you have a great channel.
-How To Write Awesome Titles
- How To Write Better Descriptions
- How To Sell The Click
- Having the Proper Tags In Your Videos
- Creating The Best Thumbnail
- The High Definition Creation
- Understanding The Need To Transcribe Your Video
- How Long Should Your Videos Be For Best Results
- What Are Open Loops And How To Use Them
- Creating The Best Motion Effects **
- And So Much More!!!!!!!

You will learn

Understand the crucial elements required to build a successful YouTube channel.

Develop compelling content that effectively engages their target audience.

Organize their YouTube channel in a user-friendly manner that eases navigation for viewers.

Create an effective marketing strategy aimed at promoting the growth of their channel.

Craft catchy and SEO-friendly titles that draw viewer attention and boost video visibility.

Write improved descriptions for videos that maximize viewer interest and engagement.

Master the art of selling the click through persuasive calls-to-action and teaser techniques.

Implement proper tagging in videos for better categorization and improved searchability on YouTube.

Design captivating thumbnails that encourage potential viewers to click and watch your videos.

Produce high-definition videos to enhance viewer experience and resonate better with your audience.

Appreciate the importance of transcribing video content for accessibility purposes and SEO benefits.

Determine optimal video lengths for best results based on viewer engagement metrics and trends

Utilize open loops effectively in video scripting as a tool to maintain viewer interest throughout the duration of your content.

Generate impressive motion effects to make your videos more dynamic, appealing, and professional-looking.

Apply additional strategies beyond what’s outlined in this course description in order to take your YouTube channel to higher levels.

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MJ McMillian
MJ McMillian
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Building The Proper YouTube Foundation

This Course includes:

Course time duration is about 0.9 hour(s)
1 Course unit(s)